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There is no cost to attend the meetings. However, if you’d like to become a paid member and have a listing in our online member directory, the membership rate per company is $45.00 per calendar year. This listing includes your name(s), photo, company description, contact info, web site and e-mail links on ONE category page. (Linking helps with search optimization for your business!) If you have a desire to be on multiple pages, please contact us.

As a paid member, you also have the opportunity to sign up to give a 10-minute spotlight at one of our monthly meetings. See the meeting page  for more details about hosting locations or additional spotlight opportunities.

Please fill out the form below and print a copy for your reference prior to subscribing. When you click “Submit”, you will be taken to a payment page. You may choose to either pay via Paypal or by check. More information on payment options will be listed on our Payment page. Note: you will be contacted via e-mail with instructions on how to submit your digital photo.