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Hull – Oha – Presail party and Harbor Cruise – SOLD OUT!

Date: Thursday, June 29th, 2017

 Ahoy Mates of SSN and 5 Score!

Pre-Sail Luau – 4:30 to 6:30 

Atria Marina Place 4 Seaport Dr. Marina Bay Quincy

 ATRIA Marina Place’s Executive Chef is preparing another fabulous dinner that will be tasty, fresh and served alfresco at Atria. NOTE: For those who have not already RSVP’d for the dinner, we will only accommodate additional people who are purchasing a cruise ticket for the pre-sail dinner. If Randy already has your name, you’re good!  

WE ARE STARTING A WAITING LIST FOR TICKETS! We are officially at capacity for the boat!

After the pre-sail you can hop aboard Miss Pemberton in Marina Bay @ 7pm and coast along the Boston Skyline. We’ll be back to the dock by 9:30pm. 

Tickets are $25 each.

 So keep in mind, if you have not already RSVP’d to ATRIA Marina Place for the Luau you can enjoy a delicious dinner IF you get a ticket for the nautical adventure! 

TO BE ON THE WAITING LIST, CONTACT GINNY POLIO AT ginnypolio@gmail.com OR CALL  617-842-7174 and we’ll let you know if there are any cancellations.

Also, the Pre-sail Luau RSVP is NOW CLOSED, UNLESS you already RSVP’d or have a ticket for the cruise.